National Environmental Authorization System Public Portal NEMA 2006 & 2010



The Department of Environmental Affairs(DEA), in conjunction with the provincial departments, is responsible for environmental
management and processing of applications for basic assessment (BA), environmental impact assessments (EIA) and
waste management in terms of specific regulations defined in the National Environmental Management Act No 107 of 1998.
The national and provincial departments together with SITA KZN developed the National Environmental Assessment System NEAS,
a web based application that provided the department with a computerised database driven solution for processing and tracking
applications. However, the department has decided to avail relevant EIA information to the public at large in order to comply with the
Constitution of the Republic of South Africa Act 108 of 1996 and the Promotion of Access to Information Act 2 of 2000.
 This has prompted the department to engage SITA to develop public portal for public use.


The main objective of the portal is to promote service delivery quality through the improvement of communication between the public administrators and the public. In addition to the above other objectives of the portal include:
  • Reinforcing transparency and equal treatment in public administration contact;
  • Ensuring easy, direct and interactive access to relevant EIA data;
  • Reducing time consuming and costly communication barriers;
  • Improving efficiency in the “back offices” of the national and provincial environmental government departments
    (it’s the first step towards improving the “front office” services).
  • The portal provides online access to government officials and public users to NEAS applications and content related to NEAS.
  • The portal provides relevant reports to government officials as well as public.
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